United Orient Bank offers line of certificates of deposits with maturities ranging from 1 month up to 2 years.

Time Certificates of Deposits under 1 year
Interest is not compounded and not credited to your account until maturity.

Time Certificates of Deposits 1 year and Over
Interest is compounded and credited to your account semi-annually. Minimum deposit to open account is $500 for all CDs except one month which require an initial deposit of $2,500.

Interest rate is fixed over the term of the certificate of deposit.

*See Rates table for CDs
*See Rates table for IRAs

Annual Percentage Yield quoted assumes that all interest earned is credited to your original balance and that the balance will remain on deposit for a one year period. Significant penalties may apply for early withdrawals.

In addition, special rates for Jumbo (over $100,000) CDs are occasionally given.

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